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The Tied Man (The Tied Man, #1) - Tabitha McGowan

I had a love/ hate relationship with this book. I was tempted to take up smoking again, driven to drink (only to settle the nerves LOL), yet I kept reading on. Needed to vent through status updates more than usual, for what it's worth, this helped me keep going!

What I feel needs to be highlighted, is that a lot of the situations that unfold are disturbing and Blaine, one of the main characters, is evil personified. Noting that in amongst the horror, was slithers of humanity that gave me enough hope to read on, because in spite of how the book could end, these moments were refreshing and beautiful!

Lilith, is an artist, a brash, opinionated woman that prefers her own company on the whole. She had an ability to 'read ' a person, to the point of it being considered a gift. Nailing someone's inner most, quite often hidden reason for their mannerisms and being able to pick the town they originate from, almost down to the post (zip) code. This ability has allowed her artistic talent to shine, enabling her to capture the true person on canvas! And rom what I can recall, sometimes in provocative poses, that push conservative boundaries.

Through her despised father, she is compelled to accept a commission that pushes her boundaries on an emotional level, that many wouldn't survive. Within this horror, Lilith encounters the depths of depravity but somehow manages to continue, as did I! The good times are far and few between, but when they occurred, it provided a welcome escape from the darkness of the main story.

To be honest, I just wanted to stop reading this at some points,, the subject matter was just taking me way out of my comfort zone but I couldn't stop reading. I appreciated and embraced the author's beautiful use of language, loving when i had to stop and highlight a word for its definition. The descriptive language, added a depth to my understanding of the characters and their situations. Not sure whether I should rate this 4 or 5 stars, conservatively putting 4 up for now, but think when I look at this more objectively, it will be a 5 star read. Be warned that this is a dark read, not for the faint hearted but one if you like to be taken on a journey that will challenge your resolve, you won't be disappointed!
Apologies for the rambling, I just needed to get my thoughts down, will try and 'edit' it later :) Mum duties beckon.....